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ANY PERSON TO INTUITION, we must know how to use it when we have doubts about certain things, we must focus on the problem you have and you will see that it works.








           MAGIC CASTLES




coucher de soleil

 couchet de soleil


The sunset in YONNE




The tarot cards are the stars of heaven, every evening watching the sunset, and you will see your destiny emerge.








Way of Life
We have this way from birth to our death.
There are 9 ways of life, which is very important to our lives.
    Way of Life

We have this way from birth to our death.
There are 9 ways of life, which is very important to our lives.



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Here's how to calculate your life path
Example: the birth 18.06.1975
                the day of birth:   18
                Month:                  06
               birth year:          1975

18 06 1975 = 1999 = 28 (2 +8) = 10, we must reduce this figure given that only 9 paths.
There is a way: 11 (2) and path: 22 (4) almost the same path as the 2 and 4.



This path will our whole life. I will not give you all the details of the numéralogie simply an overview to give you an idea of your way of life.




Way of life: 1-action, accomplishment, achievement.

Way of Life: 2-Collaboration and temperance.

Way of Life: Happiness-3, expression, friends, the easiest way.

Way of life: 4 - Toil and limitation.

Way of Life: 5 - Change and freedom, curiosity and experience.

Way of life: 6 - Liability, reconciliation, service, marriage, children.

Way of life: 7 - Solitude and wisdom.

Way of life: 8 - Power and materiality, materialism.

Way of life: 9 - Opening, extended year by générosité.Une favorable move. 

Personal Year

    Day of birth: 18 

   Birth Month: 06

  Year 2009: 2009

make the following calculation: 18 +06 +2009 = 2033 (ie 2 +3 +3 reduce the number) = 8 years
Balance sheet, you can buy and sell




The Numerology is consistent with tarots not to be confused with Astrology.





      The tarot cards and numéralogie complement

perfectly: if you are in a year: 7 - (example)

Tarot and numéralogie arrive at almost the same

result. When I draw the cards before anything else, I

demand in what year you are, I already know what

difficulties, the joy in work, in affection for

health must have a very good experience for

a decision still valid and are subject to change.







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