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                  THE RUNES, AND THEIR ORIGINS
Historians believe that they emerged at the end of the Stone Age and early Bronze Age. Sacred symbols, the runes are associated with Odin the god of war, called Wodan or Wotan.

In principle there are 24 runes, they can be written in raw wood, the bones of stone or metal, never on paper, cardboard, plastic, science runes is not practical in this case.
The base and their meaning, there is the reverse, the place, right face down, turned face down.
I advise you to buy the book by Lawrence HRRyder: THE RUNES the best methods of interpretation - the unknown librairiede editions.
I give you just the front and back of the runes, to give you a saw of this divinatory art that engaged the Druids, Celts and other peoples.


                   rune 1   Wyrd            

Can announce an event unavoidable, a radical change in a particular area related to the consultant.

     rune6   Feoh

At the point: money that can go through FeOH just hard work of the consultant. Do not be too spendthrift. 
Upside: failure if the consultant does not change position, money problems, big sorrow, disappointment, separation, rupture

    rune23   Ur  

            At the place: announcing a sudden change in the life of the consultant. Promotion, it will perhaps make some sacrifices to achieve this development.

A upside down: Do not pass up the chance, reduced vitality, if the consultant is a man, sexual problems of a psychological nature.


The place: A happy surprise, unexpected aid of a close relative or higher.
A upside: The chance will not be there. must be redoubled precautions in all situations.

                           runes5  Os

                              At the point: ad review, education, sports patent, interviews for a job.
A reverse: Poor advice, to interfere, try to enslave the person. You must be on guard and stand back.

  RUNE9  Rad

At the point: Small leisure travel, vacation. Mail, phone call will be new Rad
A reverse: Big problems, travel may be delayed or dangerous. You must be very                                         


At the place: Announcement reorganization favorable situations, such as health.
A reverse: Indicates an end, even death. It will be a sign of broken floor.



this rune generally refers to the achievement of a union or professional or romantic. Harbinger of good luck.

   rune25  Wynn


The place: The consultant is happy in his work that in its manual and physical recreation.

A reverse: Announcement happiness when fired on, not reversed it reassures


rune10  Hoel      

At the point: Represents the elements, good or bad we can not master.
A reverse: Announcement defeat, the loss of something.
                                                rune18  Nyd
                         At the point: There is no point in running. We must be wary of abrupt changes of situation.
Turned upside down: If it continues, it will only reap that sadness, failure, disappointment

        rune 11         Isa                         

                At the place or upside: Provides protection or, more rarely, a small loss of time, not conducive to love. But there is always an emergency door.

                                            rune 14         Ger    

At the place or upside down: Guardian Angel, Happy Star, nothing untoward or unfair will be committed against him.

 Eoh rune7

    At the place or upside down: Resurrection, the consultant is in the process of change, change, change.


rune19  At the point: Usually a good sign.
A reverse: Watch for future events, whether professional or family affection


                    Eolh                          rune4

At the place: Rune linked to love, announces a liaison sentmentale strong friendship and trust.
A upside down: It must be on guard, wary of any further meeting. We need to learn to shut up.

                                             rune22  Sighel

At the place or upside down: ad a success or a project. Great opportunity.




At the place: Motivation, goals to achieve. gain, the increase of goods and values.

A reverse: Announcement failure, impotence, infidelity, illness.



    The location: Very good omen. Indicates the birth or conception of a child or an idea, a project.
A reverse: Family problems or domestic.

  Ehwis                               rune3 

 The place: New positive for the consultant. Professional appointment or removal to another city.
On the upside we need runes associated positive if the response is positive, the against, with runes negative response will be negative.
                                            rune15  Manu
 At the point: Get advice or assistance, the consultant will release some small hassle.
A reverse: Can not expect any help during the péroide covered by the drawing of runes.


                   Lagu                               rune16 

At the place: intuition and psychic abilities, a gift of clairvoyance, or méduimnité.

A reverse: Bad omens, the consultant is wrong road, stuck, events is wrong.



                                                  rune12   Ing

 The location: A happy or miserable performance following the runes involved.

A reverse: Announcement that the consultant to schools to teach or give sage advice.



   rune20                 Odel                          


At the point: Get a credit or loan to purchase a property.

A reverse: Delays, frustration, failure if it is associated with negative runes.


  rune17   Doerg

All positions: It symbolizes the natural growth of any chose.Signifie what is undertaken will over time, be patient.


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